Friday, 4 September 2015


Another technical module! Although having successfully completed thing 9, I'm feeling a bit more confident about this one plus I've had some experience myself with live streaming so it's not completely new to me.

Looking at the tasks though, I've obviously missed the Rudai23 Hangout as it's been and gone, and I've decided that I'm not going to set up my own Hangout (time, getting other participants involved, etc.) so I've read through the module and explored the links.

Regarding my own experience, last year during the Carnegie Kate Greenaway Awards, my CILIP President's speech was live streamed, I've also participated in various panel discussions that were live streamed and have watched author talks with classes of students in the library.

My technical involvement with these, however, was minimal. Where I was a participant, all I had to do was think about what I was going to say and turn up but I do remember some of the feedback afterwards was that the recording wasn't very clear (it's also quite nerve-wracking although you do tend to forget that the camera id there once things get started). And I also know that some schools have been let down by technology when they've organised a class to watch a live question and answer author session.

So whilst live streaming can be incredible useful and exciting, adding an immediacy to the occasion, I think it's important to ensure that the technology being used is adequate and suitable, and this is often out of our hands. What's also interesting to consider is that once the "live" element is over, it then becomes a video recording that can be viewed on YouTube at any time - something that can be used time and again, and without the stress of wondering whether the link will work. And I know in a class setting with up to 30 students, I'd much rather have something that I can rely on.

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