Monday, 10 August 2015


It's just as well that there will be a few "pauses" in this course to enable participants to think about what they've done and to catch-up as I'm already behind! However, I think two weeks in Croatia is a good excuse!

The task for thing 6 is (was?) to look at some of the other blogs, leave comments, etc. I had already started doing this and found them fascinating. So many different ways people joined the profession but all with one thing in common; a passion for what they do. We have also been asked to reflect on our own journey which is interesting as I've also been doing that lately ... I love my job and what I do but recently have felt in need of another challenge. Not that the job isn't challenging but when you've been doing something for twenty five years, albeit something that is different every day and doesn't remain static, a certain sense of jadedness can set in. However, as I can't see myself doing anything else than working with or in libraries/books/reading/literacy, I'm not quite sure what my next step, if any, should be.

This sense of "what next" isn't helped by the fact that libraries, both school and public, are being devalued and closed, librarians made redundant or downgraded, on a weekly basis - part of me would love to spend all my time advocating and campaigning but the bills need to be paid so I do what I can, when I can!

But ... back to other blogs - there are some great ones out there and it looks like Rudai 23 will add more which can only be a good thing! The more people we have talking about libraries, the better ...


  1. Thanks for your reflection, Barbara. It can certainly be difficult for morale all of the cutbacks. I'm sure you'll have some great ideas and experiences to share about advocacy for the upcoming Thing on that topic, hopefully we and/or some of the other bloggers will have a tidbit or two that you'll find handy on that score, too.

  2. I think my wider perspective, as a result of my role within CILIP and the number of librarians I meet and talk to, not to mention the reports, articles, etc. I've read, has perhaps given me a slightly jaded view. And a library relocation only two years after a library refurbishment has taken a lot of my time which, by necessity, has meant I've not been able to do as much of what I see is my "proper job" of being a school librarian! But I'm hoping that the start of a new school year in the new space will be a chance to get a few initiatives and projects going again. And I'm always picking up ideas from other librarians so looking forward to reading some of the other blogs as the course proceeds.